O-TAGS® Product Bundle / SDS SDS+ (Recommended)


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The O-Tags® Product Bundle includes:

1. O-Tags® Drill Tap: SDS/SDS+
2. 5 Precut Lead Anchors*
3. U-Shaped Allen Wrench
4. Compression Bar for Lead Anchors.

*Your choice of Clay Epoxy can be used as an alternative to lead during monument installations.

• Tool Advantages

The Drill Tap tool has a carbide-notched drill tip engineered for drilling hard materials which minimizes bit walking and is up to 50% faster than standard masonry bits. The surface safe Stop Collar allows all surfaces to be protected from collar rotation damage. The O-Tags® Drill Tap included in the O-Tags® Product Bundle provides a single tool solution which installs commonly used standard 3/4" Brass Tags with high accuracy and speed.


1. Introducing a custom preset counterbore size drill bit that installs your commonly used 3/4” brass tags in less than a minute.

2. Countersink your commonly used 3/4” brass tags at preset depths with high accuracy and record time.

3. No prior preparation or reference marks required before drilling.

4. Our carbide slotted drill bit tip with pin point accuracy will avoid bit walking commonly experienced with standard masonry drill bits.

5. Designed and developed with the best available industry materials, O-TAGS® Drill Tap requires no water and can penetrate many hard surfaces such as concrete, brick, tile, marble, granite and metal.

6. A fixed drill bit length and counterbore allows for less equipment and efficient deployment of same length lead installments.

7. No need for special ordering of monuments with our tool.

8. Durable in strength to use with today’s Rotary Hammer drills for quick, waterless and effortless installations.

9. Comes in two different models that accommodates any standard 1/2” drill chuck or SDS/SDS+ format, both preferred for use with hammer drills. (Sold separately)

10. Be the first to set a perfect monument under a minute without chipping or guess work.

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