About O-TAGS®

As a third generation Land Surveyor, Licensed in the state of California, Teddy Ohana brings over 25 years of experience in the field to his products. 

Conscientious and confident in his daily work, Teddy follows procedures that continue to uphold the integrity of the art of Land Surveying. For years, Teddy has been dissatisfied with the lack of products available in the market place that would install standard 3/4" Brass Tags recessed, cleanly and efficiently. Working primarily on multimillion dollar estates, Teddy was reluctant to leave behind chipped and damaged surfaces when setting monuments.

Convinced he could find a better way, Teddy developed O-TAGS® - an innovative tagging system that leaves a clean, long lasting memorialized monument with little or no damage to the surrounding elements. The O-TAGS® product line allows you to leave behind an industry standard monument you can be proud of.